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Retirement Investing Course

7 Steps to Safe Profitable Investing  – whether you’re 36 or 72

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7 Step Retirement Investing Course

I created this course to answer your questions and to give you a clear and easy way to build and safeguard your retirement account, your financial future.

Hi, my name is Ray Dominick.  As a former registered investment advisor I want to share with you my seven step retirement investing course, seven steps to safe retirement investing.

I developed this course for you, for anyone with a 401k or an IRA or anyone who wants to start managing their retirement.  These seven keys apply to you if you whether you are 36 or 72.  If you want peace of mind that you will have enough money to live on in your retirement years then this course will help you.

As part of this investing course I will reveal what no one else wants you to know about managing your retirement account.  Also, one of the keys, of course, is knowing with 90% certainty when to exit the markets or when to be invested.  You will learn these secrets and many more.

Yes, even though my daughter sports a bachelor’s in economics and an MBA she couldn’t figure out these seven keys, these seven steps for save profitable investing.  And as a former investment advisor I was constantly answering questions from friends, family and clients about how to build and manage a retirement account without spending any more time than they wanted.

So I created this 7 – step retirement investing course that shows you not just how to build or manage your retirement account, but also how to do it based on how much time you are willing to spend each week, or each day or even just a few minutes each month.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what your experience is in investing, this retirement investing course is for you.


What’s included?


Module 1

Determining your investment style and personality

Module 2

Working with investment groups & those that are best for you

Module 3

Finding the winners – the best stocks, ETFs or mutual funds for you

Module 4

Creating Winning Trading Strategies that meet your own objectives

Module 5

Knowing when to sell & take profits

Module 6

How to verify Sell & Buy signals

Module 7

The Keys to profitable investing

I want you to succeed

Your Bonuses for Success


Bonus 1

Retirement Investing Planner

Bonus 2

Best types of analysis for stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds

Bonus 3

Trading Strategy scorecard

Bonus 4

5 Investment Groups to start with

Reference - #1

Key definitions & explanations

Reference - #2

Reference suggestions

Who is this for?


Retiree, and you want to be sure your account keeps growing safely.

Young Adult

You’re young, maybe 34 or 46 and want to know you will be able to afford to live like you want when you retire.

Close to Retirement

Soon to retire, and you want to make sure your retirement money is enough.

If you want financial security in your retirement years, then this course is for you – whether you have lots of time or barely 20 minutes a month.

FAQ’s – Questions

How long will it take me to finish the course?

I recommend you view each video twice and go through the Retirement Investing Planner.  One person did this in less than a week, but I would plan on 2 – 4 weeks so you can understand everything fully.  In other words, do it at your own pace.

Is there a time limit to complete the course?

Absolutely not!  Take as much time as you want.

Can I review the materials a year from now if I want a refresher?

Absolutely YES.  You can go through any part of the course at any time.

What if I’m totally new to investing, will this help me?

Definitely yes.  Each module presumes you don’t know the secrets of investing safely or profitably.  Plus the reference material guide that is included will help you.

What if I just don’t understand something in one of the course modules?

Just send me an email.  I want everyone to succeed.

What should you do next?

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What sort of guarantee do I offer?

I offer you a 30-day guarantee.  All I ask is that you view all seven modules and complete the Retirement Investing Planner.  If you then believe you learned nothing that will enable you to build or manager your retirement account then send me an email for a quick refund.

This is for you

Your Retirement Investing Course

$697 one-time SPECIAL
Retirement Investing Course - SPECIAL
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8 Monthly Payments
$97 monthly - 8 payments -SPECIAL
Retirement Investing Course -SPECIAL
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“I am actually LEARNING things I did not know.  This course offers all the tools an  investor requires to build a profitable portfolio and STAY on track.”

Phil Dunn
Financial Advisor

decisions, decisions

$697 one-time SPECIAL
Retirement Investing Course - SPECIAL
Full Details
8 Monthly Payments
$97 monthly - 8 payments -SPECIAL
Retirement Investing Course -SPECIAL
Full Details
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